Duluth HRA’s COVID-19 Response


The HRA’s central office in King Manor will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday, March 18.  We will continue to take applications.  Applications for public housing and Section 8 will be available by mail or can be picked up outside the Central Office.  Completed applications can be either mailed in or dropped off in the secure mail slot on the first floor of King Manor.

Staff will continue to process applications and staff will be working with residents to ensure continued leasing, maintenance, and appeals. 

Maintenance and Inspection staff will be asking if anyone in the household is sick before entering a unit.  Any inspections and non-emergency repairs will be rescheduled if there is an ill person in the unit. We will be utilizing technology including conference calling, video conferencing, email, and phone interviews to continue serving our residents and move applicants into housing from our waiting lists.

  • 222 E. Second Street
    P.O. Box 16900
    Duluth, MN 55816
    Phone #: 218-529-6300