How to reach the Maintenance Department.

  • If you have need for maintenance on your HRA rental unit and it is not an emergency, please call 218-728-7540 and place a maintenance request. If you get a voice mail message please leave your name, phone number, address and a brief description of the maintenance problem, and if it is OK to enter if you are not home.
  • Regular, non-holiday office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday – Friday
  • You can also request maintenance on your HRA rental unit on-line (for non-emergencies only) by clicking on the Maintenance Work Order Request in the top right-hand side of this page and completing all needed information.
  • Holiday and after hour emergency calls for maintenance assistance should be made to 218-722-6918. This is an answering service which will locate the standby maintenance worker for response.
  • All work orders for routine maintenance must be arranged by calling 218-728-7540.


The following is the way the HRA defines Maintenance Work Order Categories.

  • Emergency: Maintenance problems that pose an immediate threat to life, health safety or property, or related to fire safety. Example: A toilet that is overflowing which may cause property damage if it is not repaired. Emergency Work Orders are addressed in 24 hours or less. If there is a fire, call 911 before calling for maintenance help.
  • Urgent: Work order items that are not an emergency, but need attention in a timely manner. Urgent work orders will be addressed within 3 working days. Example: An electrical outlet stops working.
  • Routine: Maintenance work that is scheduled for a predetermined date. Example: Annual furnace cleanings.

When a resident is charged for Maintenance services and when they are not:

Residents are not charged for normal wear and tear maintenance needs in their unit. However, if damage is caused due to tenant abuse or negligence, the resident will be charged for the cost of repairs. If a resident is charged for damage to HRA property, the following charges apply.

  • Repairs performed by a contractor will be reimbursed to the HRA for full charges passed on from the contractor.
  • If the HRA performs the repairs during normal working hours, labor charges are as follows (All rates listed below are effective 2/1/2023):
    • $40.00 per hour
    • $30.00 per three quarter hour
    • $20.00 per half hour
    • $10.00 per quarter hour
    • After hours call back $110.00 (for up to three hours, and $40.00 per hour for any hours in excess, up to the nearest quarter hour).
    • Materials charges will be billed at cost, plus labor.

Trash Removal

Daily household trash can be disposed in the containers provided. However, extraordinary disposals of electronics (such as microwaves & TV’s) and furniture (such as box mattresses, washers, dryers, chairs, sofas etc.) will be billed separately to the resident. The rate is $40.00 per hour for labor and the actual costs incurred at the disposal site.

Emergency Call-Outs

Emergency call outs that are due to resident negligence or damage shall be charged at the rate of $110.00 minimum for call out time up to three hours. Repairs that exceed the 3 hour minimum shall be billed at an additional $40.00 per hour, to the nearest 1/4 hour. Holiday call outs that are due to resident negligence or damage shall be charged at the rate of $185.00 minimum for call out time up to three hours. Repairs exceeding the three hour minimum shall be billed an additional $69.00 per hour, to the nearest 1/4 hour.

Air Conditioner Install

The resident will be charged a one-time installation fee of $150 for the inspection and install of the resident provided air conditioner. Only portable floor model air conditioners are allowed in the high-rise buildings.

Ceiling Light Bulb Policy – For HRA High Rise Residents

Bulbs will be installed by the HRA at no charge to residents who live in HRA High Rises. HRA does not provide or service light bulbs in lamps or other personal resident property.

Other General Policies Related to the Maintenance of Your HRA Rental Unit

Your lease agreement stipulate many additional details of HRA’s Maintenance Policies and Procedures. Please refer to that document for more information or call your Housing Specialist for additional information. Also see your Residents Handbook/House Rules.

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